Business relationship: Trumps German-bank loans in their sights


Business relationship: Trumps German-bank loans in their sights

A New York Times report says that American authorities want to re-examine the relationship between Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump. It’s not just about old loans in the three-digit million range.

Amerikas Minister Donald Trump and his old business relationship with Deutsche Bank gets into the focus of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller. It was previously known that the ratio of Deutsche Bank was sensitive to their customers Donald Trump so years ago, the German manufacturer had temporarily terminated business relationships with the companies and on instructions from above. This was reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.
Now, reports the New York Times that the two-decade relationship between Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump would be reviewed intensively among others by the American Banking Supervision. Accordingly, the German bank was prepared as one of the few financial institutions to borrow Donald Trump after a series of bankruptcies in the casino and hotel industry money worth hundreds of millions in the 1990s.

These loans for Donald Trump were therefore granted by a private wealth division for very wealthy clients of Deutsche Bank. The banking regulators it is according to the New York Times, among others, about whether the loans were associated with increased risks for the bank.

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The business relationship between Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank have long been under discussion in recent months they have become the real political issue – also because of possible connections of Trump to Russia.
The German bank had just rejected a request from Democratic politicians on the dissemination of information about Trump loans a few weeks ago. The Demokraté hoped Baruch education about alleged connections from Donald Trump to Russia on the part of Deutsche Bank, which had to pay themselves only in America over 600 million euro penalty for money laundering affair in Moscow.

The New York Times now reports further that the new information to the millions of loans, the former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be made available, examines the connection of President Donald Trump to Russia as a special prosecutor. The “Guardian” reported meanwhile that German bank manager of Mueller is summoned soon because of the possible connections of the campaign team of President Donald Trumps with Russia.

Previously had been known only that – even before Trump had a political office – he had been classified by Deutsche Bank temporarily as untrustworthy. It should, therefore, no loans are granted, the German bank in a parking Lung acquisition is in May.

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